Dr. of China
Dr. of China

Fees - Dr. of China


Registration & ConsulationFree (If you take a treatment or patent after consultation)
Dry Herbs (Herbal Tea)From £12.00 per bag
Prescription Fee£10.00 (First week herbal tea only)
Acupuncture£50.00 per session
Electric Acupuncture£60.00 per session
Special Acupressure£60.00 per session
Cupping Therapy£25.00 per session
Magnetic Wave Heat Treatment£10.00 per session
Ear Candle£30.00 per session
Moxa Healing£20.00 per session
Patent MedicinesVarious
Home Visit £30.00

To discuss how we can help, book an appointment, text, email or call in to the clinic

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