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‘Dear Dr.Tang, I have read with interest your series of articles on TCM in Qi Magazine.If I were in the UK, I would certainly come and consult you about the vitiligo problem I have.Unfortunately , I am stuck in japan for the moment.I was wondering if I might suggest that you do an article on vitiligo and the TCM perspective for Qi Magazine,yours sincerely Chris.’

I feel real empathy with Chris and other vitiligo sufferers.I understand how distressing the condition is,and how they must yearn for answers and ulyimately a cure…read more

Hi, just to let you know that im so happy with the products you gave me to use on my face. I cant believe the results , my family and friends have noticed that my skin is more clearer and the dark patches i had have disappeared. Thank you so much im so happy with the results and im still continuing using this cream , because i know its working 😉

By Sofie  March 2012

I am an Indian male who has been suffering from haemorroids for a number of years now. I have tried various creams and pills for this problem, none of which have really helped my condition. I had banding treatment at a hospital on two occasions but it only helped temporarily.

The only thing that has been helping my symptoms is Chinese herbal tea and tablets from Dr. of China. Since taking these it has helped control the inflammation and bleeding that I was experiencing. When you’re in this situation most people will try anything and everything to avoid surgery. So, to me this is a great relief and I’m glad I tried the herbal alternative.

By Giuseppe June 2011

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