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How does the doctor diagnose me?
You will be diagnosed using four techniques:
Looking, questioning, listening and pulse checking

Will it hurt when having acupuncture treatment?
No. You only need to relax and co-operate with the Acupuncturist when receiving
treatment. When the practitioner inserts the needles you may feel a slight tingling

How do I book my consultation?
You can drop into our shops anytime or call in advance to book a convenient

Why do herbs taste bitter?
This is because the herbs have their own tastes: pungent, Sweet, sour, bitter, salty . At the
beginning, the patient may dislike the taste or nausea, this only lasts for a short time. As
the Chinese proverbs say “Bitter the medicine, better the effect.” Anyway, the result will
be worth it.

Do I need to complete full course treatment?
Yes, even if you fell much better, the problem is not completely cured, so you have to
finish full course, as per the doctor’s advice.

How to reduce the number of treatments?
The best way to do so is take the treatment as soon as possible. For example, if you have a frozen
shoulder, it can be cured within 1-2 treatments if the patient takes the treatment within 1
week after the symptoms appear. Otherwise, it will take 10 treatments or more to achieve
an effective result.

How to prepare herb drinks
1. Place one package of the herbs into a saucepan.
2. Add about 800 – 1000 ml cold water over the herbs.
3. Bring to the boil, the simmer for about 30 minutes
(About two teacups of liquid remaining)
4. Strain the herbs; pour the liquid equally into two cups and dispose of the boiled herbs.
5. Drink them warm twice a day. Drink one cup in the evening; put another cup covered
in the fridge. Reheat it next morning by microwave.
6. In general, uncooked, cold, greasy, fishy, indigestible and irritating food should be
avoided. if you it is difficult to drink, add some honey or sugar into it.
7. If you feel the tea is difficult to drink, add some honey or sugar into it.

To discuss how we can help, book an appointment, text, email or call in to the clinic
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