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What is Acne ?

Acne is as skin disorder which results in spots, whiteheads. Blackheads and in the more serious forms, cysts and abscesses, which can leave disfigured pitted scars when they heal. In more severe cases the eruptions can feel sore or itchy .acne is commonly seen on the face .back and chest.

Most adolescent boys and girls suffer from acne at some point but most grow out of it .however some people can suffer from acne into their late thirties, sometimes even into their forties . in girls acne can get worse before periods.

What causes Acne ?

At puberty, the raised levels of hormones increase glandular secretions of the oily substance sebum. Also excessive bacteria on the skin. High humidity and eating too much chocolate and greasy food are all causes of acne

Treatment of Acne

Internal use: the herbal tablets are suggested to those who have general symptoms, but the Chinese herbal tea is necessary to be used by those who have serious problems.

External use: 101E and FML is strongly recommended for regular external use.

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