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Ovarian Cyst

I had been suffering with ovarian cyst /endometriosis for over a year which resulted in me collapsing in pain frequently and being taken in to the A & E ward. I have had over 15 scans and seen many specialist at various hospitals who all advised that they could not do anything besides giving me strong painkillers or hormone tablets. I was in constant pain and having heavy periods nearly every 2 weeks. I would wake up in pain everyday and had no energy or appetite. I knew I had to try something different and I was recommended to see Dr Chang by my aunt.

Dr Chang advised me to start with acupuncture and herbal teas which I did for the first 3 months. I could feel the difference immediately after having the acupuncture the pain began to ease. He then tailored the ingredients for the herbals teas after assessing how I was feeling on a weekly basis.

I have continued taking the tea for 9 months now and my periods have regulated back to normal and the pain has really decreased drastically. I have more energy and my appetite is back to normal. During this period I have also noticed that I have only had one cold (previously I used to get frequent colds).

The best thing is that I rarely take painkillers anymore and I am feeling much better in myself.

I would really recommended Chinese herbal medicine as it has changed my life.

Thank you Dr Chang.

By Sarah  April 2011

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