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To Dr of china ,

I am Anita & I am 32 years old . after baby born my wight gain to 71 kg . I always fell tired     my period not regular and 01| 10|2012
I see Dr . cheng and taken acupuncture without any  medicine .

After my course i am surprise i fell better then before my period regular no pain and most
important i lost my weight 4 kg . now my weight 67 kg .

I like to thanks Dr he is very kind and friendly with me when i scare he always helpful .    now i take break  because of festival but i think to start my second course .

so thanks to Dr . Chang

I have tried the tea and I feel slimmer, feel good, people have noticed that, look slimmer so, I am very pleased. Thank you. My sister in law in Newcastle, sent her some and she has felt the difference in herself, so she asked me to get two more boxes, so I have come today (1/12/00) to buy them. And I took Fayyen Tea for a month and have lost 8 lbs. the tea has done miracles for me. I am very impressed with this and I would suggest this to anyone.

By D. Kan Leicester March 2011

Loss weight by other Herbal Medicine.

For loss weight,usually by Feiyan Tea and Jianfeiwan Capsule,but them is not always work, because many reason cause some patients overweight. Doctor must give a right herbal medicine for loss weight. Mrs is 31 years old lady, was take Feiyan Tea but not any help. Nov.2012, she first see me, I noticed she suffer from a digestion problem, she often diarrhea after meal, I think if take Faiyan Tea, it would not help to lose the weight, but make the diarrhea worse. So, I gave her 2 types of herbal patent according to hers symptoms. After one month,she told me that she has never had bloat and diarrhea after meal since the treatment,and she had also lost 5 kg weight in one mouth.

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