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Arthritis and Rheumatic Arthritis

In my young age I worked in the Building business which means going out and working in icy cold, wet and damp condition which is typical of British weather conditions. Over and above my work in the British Railways as an inspector required me to go out a lot. These working conditions eventually gave me Rheumatic Arthritis. I started to get pain i my left foot, ankle and hips about ten years ago. I was walking with a limp even in warm summer days. About 5 years ago I consulted the Doctor of China in Leicester. He recommended me Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine. He treated me very successfully and cured me. I am 71 years old but I can gladly say that I have no pain in my leg and hip and I can go about very comfortably without even a walking stick.

I thank the Dr of China for his expert treatment and curing me. I gladly recommend the Dr of China to anyone for his expertise in acupuncture and medicinal treatments.

By Amrat Bava. (Age 71) Loughborough, Leicestershire. 2012

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